Human after all.


Originally from the Bay Area but currently residing in Southern California. 

My inspiration comes from a lifetime of movie watching and music listening. In my "free time" I create comics, posters, short animations, and all sorts of projects. Lately, I've found that I stay inspired by creating things that feel meaningful. Explorations on mankind's purpose and direction are themes in my work. I want to create something that feels true.

In 2016, I married my wife who is a beautiful Washingtonian. We love cooking, travel, and watching cheesy Hallmark movies together.

There are projects on this site that are password protected, please contact me for access.


See select works:

Motion Design: adameastburnmotion.com 

Instagram: adam.eastfro

Tumblr: adameastburn.tumblr


Feel free to contact me at ak.eastburn@gmail.com