Human after all.


Adam Eastburn

I grew up drawing and watching a lot of TV. I graduated with my Bachelors in Graphic Design at Brigham Young University. After interning for Fleishman-Hillard in Washington,D.C., we trekked to San Diego, CA to get closer to the the beach and family.

In my "free time" I create comics, posters, short animations, and all sorts of projects. My inspirations stemmed from a lifetime of movie watching and music listening. Lately, I've found that I stay inspired by creating things that have meaning to me. Explorations on mankind's purpose and direction have become themes that are now drifting into my work, including philosophical theories and the metaphysical. I want to create something that feels true.

In 2016, I married my wife who is a beautiful Washingtonian. We love cooking, travel, and watching cheesy Hallmark movies together.



See select works:

Motion Design: adameastburnmotion.com 

Instagram: adam.eastfro

Tumblr: adameastburn.tumblr


Feel free to contact me at ak.eastburn@gmail.com



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